About us

What is ComicSquare?

ComicSquare is an online platform for comics circulation, publishing, and purchase and sale which was conceived in Granada in early 2013.

The aim of ComicSquare is twofold. On the one hand, it provides a space for illustrators and comics writers to promote their work freely, bypassing the middlemen, and independently from the traditional channels. On the other hand, it offers the readers a diverse range of young and emerging authors and artists.

Ultimately, ComicSquare is an alternative marketplace (both in its form and content) for digital comics artists and is open to anyone who would like to take part, either as an author or as a reader. Therefore, ComicSquare does not hold an editorial line but confers powers upon its users to define it through their ongoing participation (publishing and reading comics, buying and recommending works, etc.). By doing so, at ComicSquare we consider that both aims will be fulfilled without losing track of its commitment to content quality.

Everyone is free to publish their work on ComicsSquare, and the team will not reject any work based on its quality or interest. Evidently, the only restrictions are those enforced by the law.

What ComicSquare is not!

At ComicSquare, we believe that some services that our website could offer are already provided by other digital platforms, and we prefer not to implement them in order not to deviate from our main goal.

Therefore, although it may be necessary to register to be able to upload pieces of work or to access some contents, ComicSquare should not be considered a social network or a forum.

Furthermore, ComicSquare is not a comics blog or a webcomics hosting service. The purpose of ComicSquare is to publish complete pieces of work (regardless of wether they are a series or not). But ComicSquare is still compatible with them: the author may be publishing each new page of his/her comic on his/her blog and finally compile them all for their publication on ComicSquare.

How does ComicSquare work?

At ComicSquare all the illustrators and comic writers can upload unlimited pieces of work free of charge. Also, there is no restriction regarding the contents of the comics. More information about how ComicSquare works can be found here.

We’re in Beta!

ComicSquare is a work in progress and we would like to apologize in advance if something is not quite working yet. You will also notice that we are adding new features and making some design changes.

Feel free to give us your feedback about the website, including issues, suggestions or any other thing, using this contact form.