Press release

ComicSquare is a portal developed by three friends in Granada (Spain) which was launched in the spring 2014.

ComicSquare could be defined as an alternative marketplace of digital comics. At ComicSquare, all the comics writers, professionals and amateurs can publish their work in digital format free of charge and without any editorial filter: absolute freedom. Once done, authors can sell their work, receive donations or offer them for free to the public.

But that’s not all; ComicSquare also offers a considerable advantage for its readers: all the pieces of work can be read completely free of charge online. ALL OF THEM. FOR FREE. What’s the trick then? There are two ways to read a comic:

  • Online from the website at screen resolution
  • Downloading the work at the highest resolution and in several formats (.cbr, .pdf) through the payment method requested by the author (fixed price, donation or for free).

Thanks to this, at ComicSquare we support free cultural circulation without incurring any harm or loss to the author.

ComicSquare only charges a small commission fee for the sales made but never for the hosting and publishing of the work. The author has full control on the publication and sales of his/her work, as well as on the information about them. 

Another great advantage is that both the portal and its contents are adapted to different devices: PC, smartphone and tablet, which makes it especially easy and convenient for the users.

ComicSquare is a work in progress and we would like to apologise in advance if something is not quite working yet. You will notice that we are adding new features and making some design changes. For instance, we are currently translating the website into many different languages and working on new options and features. You will discover more news and surprises soon. We will keep you posted! 

For more information, you can send an email to: